Sweet wine
 Muscat de Rivesaltes


  In this section you can find the reports which vidolç.cat  published after cellar visits, wine tastes and  events.
Available translations to català  and spanish.

Sweet wines  !

Web manifesto:

 You can find in this site data, news and information about the sweet Catalan wines.
 This site is created by passionate sweet wine lover people proud to introduce and explain   the product in order to get new fans of sweet wines. 
  You can also find product descriptions, cellars, wines and event info about this amazing world. The site is focused on artisan products, farm cooperatives and ecological producers as well as bigger cellars. Most of  pages  of this site are in catalan  language  however  you can find  basic texts translated to english. 
 Don't hesitate to participate through our  email.   

 Good luck and better health with sweet wine !

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